Station d'enduction FlexCoat

  • Product Type:
    • Coating Stations and Cassettes
    • Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment
    • Intermittent or Continuous Coating Stations and Cassettes
  • Market Category:
    • Coating
    • Coating | Coating of Insulated Materials
    • Coating | Coating Packing List Envelopes
    • Coating | Hot Sealing Paper Treatments
    • Coating | In-Line Printing
    • Coating | Laminating
    • Coating | Laminating with Hot Melt
    • Coating | Narrow Width Web Coating
    • Coating | Tape Coating
    • Coating | Wide Web Coating
    • Specialized Product Assembly | Media Lamination

FlexCoat Coating Stations provide uniform and reliable adhesive application on continuous or intermittent applications. It can be added as a permanent fixture on an existing coating machine, or constructed as a fully mobile cart to allow an existing line to include hot melt capabilities. The technical specifications of the integrated FlexCoat Series Applicator make this Coating Station the ideal solution to install on printing presses, packing-list envelope lines, master roll label stock and adhesive tape applications.

Product Specifications

Caractéristiques du produit Les stations d'enduction FlexCoat peuvent être configurées de sorte à répondre aux exigences spécifiques de chaque utilisateur.